Payroll services: Payroll agency and BACS Bureau

Our experienced team are able to manage all aspects of your payroll and are used to dealing with the issues that you face – however complex.

Payroll for one employee businesses, micro and new businesses

We’ll get your payroll started

We serve many micro businesses such as small shops, hairdressers, offices and trades people with their first employee or with an apprentice or a couple of workers.

We understand the concerns of such businesses and the need to get the payroll done professionally, with minimal cost and fuss.

Employing your first member of staff

We can get you set up so that not only are you compliant, but you have the best and most suitable system in place for you. So it’s efficient, easy to manage and reduces your time, effort, stress and distraction and minimises inconvenience to your staff.

It pays to have such a system in place whether you are staying small or adding more staff later.

  • For businesses new to payroll, DCS will offer free advice and guide you step by step through the process, including registering you with HMRC for PAYE.
  • DCS is a fully approved BACS bureau. We can take care of the payment if you wish.
  • We also offer clients a faster pay service for clients who consider the BACS bureau option unsuitable.
  • “Quite simply DCS save us time, money and hassle when it comes to payroll. This leaves us to concentrate on what we do best. We run a high-quality, customer-oriented business here at The Big Optician. We prefer to invest in experienced, knowledgeable optical staff who will benefit the business in terms of what it does best: ensuring our clients have a first-class service and ensuring we continue to be a strong, well-respected, family-owned optical practice. Outsourcing our payroll makes perfect sense as we want every member of our team contributing to client satisfaction and improving our core services rather than handling back office red tape. 'There is always a helping hand at the end of the phoneline at DCS and they have a friendly team we know by first name, which I think is important when trusting a company with financial information.”
    Keith & Karen Little
    The Big Optician

SME payroll: Payroll for small businesses and medium enterprises

While large corporations can afford the resource, specialist software and expertise to run their own payroll department, for most SMEs it makes sense to outsource.

The cost of running such an operation in-house is an overhead which is often disproportionate to the number of people actually on the company payroll. Even for the larger SMEs, such as motor dealers, it makes sense for payroll to be processed by a trusted supplier to take advantage of secure backing up of data, legislation updates and a cost-effective and confidential service.

We understand the needs and the pressures of small and medium companies. We are always up to date with the latest technology, software and legislation so that we can support businesses to the maximum extent.

DCS manages the payroll for The Hodgson Group, which was founded by Les Hodgson back in 1959 when he took over a filling station in Seghill, Northumberland. The family firm expanded into car sales, which has seen them partner with global brands including Saab, Mazda, Mitsubishi, Hyundai, Toyota and Isuzu. The group runs dealerships across the North East and in 2010 opened its state-of-the-art Mazda dealership in Gateshead. We have adapted our services as the company has grown.

  • “It is very important to us as an organisation that we keep up to date with changing legislation - we don't have to worry about any of that as DCS take that stress away from us. They also provide us with a cost effective and clearly budgeted solution which helps with financial planning. Data security is also vital to us and we know that DCS have a robust data back-up and business continuity provision.”
    Keith Wild
    Company Accountant - The Hodgson Group

Payroll partner for accountants and business advisers

We are trusted by major accountancy firms, as well as other high volume partners such as recruitment companies to provide payroll services that meet the needs of their clients and are effective and friendly.

Payroll bureau services for accountants and partners

Payroll, like any other aspect of accounts involves regular legislative change. Like any company, having staff work on this as an add-on to a wider role may not be the most efficient method of delivery. We do nothing but payroll and this specialism keeps us up to date and efficient. We can be your payroll consultant, as well as just a third party payroll provider.


With Pensions Automatic Enrolment in addition to RTI responsibilities, there has never been a better time to outsource your payroll jobs. 


With us, you know that the service will always be done to your (and our) high standards. You can pick the service level that is right for you and that complements the way your business works with your clients.

There are two main options:

Hand it over to us and we have direct contact with the client whilst you carry on everything else as it is. We can work together to communicate this to clients.

We become a partner for your payroll and work under your brand

Switching Service

We can work with you to communicate a joint specialist offering to your clients. If you choose us to deliver your payroll service, we will work hard to ensure this is a smooth and easy transition.

We provide you a dedicated specialist to handle all of your payroll accounts and the level of work can be scaled up or down depending on demand.

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and we are confident that we can find the ideal way of working together.

Benefits to accountancy firms

Broaden your market, increase fees, improve profitability and deliver with confidence by using DCS as your payroll partner.


Instead of spending time monitoring changes in taxation and legislation in relation to payroll you could be focussing on higher value work. 


Like many leading accountancy firms JN Straughan is committing more time to monitoring changes in taxation and legislation and advising their clients accordingly. It therefore makes business sense to partner with an agency of DCS' quality to run their payroll services on their behalf.

As Partner, Bill Sawyer confirms, "We have built up a long and successful partnership with DCS.”

  • "DCS has looked after our clients for many years. Payroll is not our core business and takes up too much resource, but of course our customers expect us to provide the service for them. The payroll service of DCS fits in seamlessly with how JN Straughan operates. It's also reassuring that DCS can handle our clients' auto-enrolment needs which is a big issue for them."
    Bill Sawyer
    Partner, JN Straughan Chartered Accountants

Payroll for healthcare, NHS, GPs, care and nursing homes

We know that the healthcare sector has large numbers of staff, many of them transient and working at a complex range of different pay rates and benefits and a large number of part-time workers. We are experienced at managing payroll for such organisations.

Payroll bureau services for healthcare

As well as payroll processing, the team at DCS also handle third party payments, such as union deductions and loans.

By using the services of DCS, all clients are kept up to speed with the latest changes in regulations and the law.

DCS has a portfolio of clients in the health and community care sector and the team of experts know and understand the pressures they face.

  • “The team at DCS save us hours and hours of valuable administration time, especially when it comes to arranging third party payments and putting new staff on the payroll. We run a busy health care business and it simply doesn't make business sense for us to spend time and money running our own payroll in-house. DCS run a confidential and robust service so that we do not have to worry about a thing. They have also taken away the headache of auto-enrolment, which we knew was coming but simply didn't have the time to organise.”
    Judith Copeland
    Director of nursing - L S Care

Payroll for manufacturing, engineering and process industry

Manufacturing businesses face a number of specific challenges in relation to payroll. There are a wide range of job roles and pay rates, union agreements to adhere to and use of a variety of contract types.

Payroll bureau services for manufacturing and engineering

Many manufacturers require industry specific reporting standards. Then of course there is overtime pay, variable hours, high staff turnover rates and a temporary workforce to consider too.

DCS has worked with manufacturers since its launch in 1994 and has the systems in place to provide the service and information the sector requires.

Specific reports can include details of the total labour costs, to analyse the efficiency of manufacturing processes or specific data on R&D projects or for products or departments or sites. 

Director of Armah Switchgear, Andrew Mayo recognises the need to break down labour costs to analyse the efficiency of their manufacturing processes and for many years has turned to DCS for help.

  • “DCS provide us with the detailed information and reporting we need while handling an ever-changing payroll with ease. The manufacturing sector is an increasingly competitive sector and it is critical that we can have access to figures and reports to enable us to look in detail at our production processes on an on-going basis. We also have the peace of mind that all our payroll data is securely backed up off-site with a full disaster recovery plan in place so that if the worst happens we are prepared."
    Andrew Mayo
    Director - Armah Switchgear

Payroll for service sector businesses, professional services and the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry

If you run a service business then you want to be doing just that – serving customers in your own unique way. Let us take the burden of your payroll responsibilities whilst you concentrate on what makes your business great.

Payroll for construction companies, contractors and CIS scheme

The construction sector is one of the most complex and highly regulated areas of work. This is reflected in the payroll, with variable working, complex arrangements and specific HMRC rules to consider.

We have experience serving this sector and facilities to manage the CIS responsibilities of our clients.

Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)

We can manage the verification and the monthly filing, payment certificates (which can cover materials also) and filing the same with HMRC.

Payroll for hospitality businesses: Hotels, catering, pubs, bars, restaurants

In the hospitality trade, staff turnover can be high and the demands of last minute employment stressful.

Pubs, hotels, nightclubs and restaurant rely on a flexible workforce to compete with the demands of a highly competitive sector.

Payroll bureau services for hospitality

With our founder having a background in this sector, our team remove the headache of cumbersome and time-consuming administration 365 days a year. This allows your business to keep up with the pace.

DCS Payroll Agency has decades of experience providing payroll solutions to the hospitality trade and is fully aware of all the challenges the sector throws up.

Our client Utopian Leisure for example runs the hugely successful and award-winning Fat Buddha bar and restaurant chain. They depend on DCS to keep their staffing administration accurate and up to date, especially at the busy party times of the year when staffing levels increase.

  • “At one time we ran our own payroll and it was clear we could not keep up with the demands of the process; most notably where changes in legislation occur with regularity. We operate in a sector where staff levels ebb and flow. It's principally all about making sure you have enough staff to cover the night and the day. DCS help us react quickly and efficiently in this field. We can't afford to make mistakes in this area which is why we chose an agency we can trust to take the task off our hands. "We know we can rely on DCS to look after us and there is always a helpful and friendly voice on the end of the phone when we have issues or queries."
    Bob Senior
    Managing Director - Utopian Leisure